Greg Koch on Beer Snobbery

| April 11th, 2013 | No comments

Beer-SnobFirst, read this great post from Kim Schimke at Brewpublic. In addition to the post, I like the response Stone Brewing Co. CEO Greg Koch added to the comments:

I don’t worry about what I say nearly as much as HOW I say it… I judge, sure. We ALL judge. We judge the way other people drive, the clothes they wear, their politics and the beers they drink. My judging doesn’t make me a snob, but the WAY I judge certainly could be. It’s human nature. I don’t feel the need to try and quell it. How about we celebrate our humanness! We judge. We’re flawed. We’re generally fun to drink beer with.

I would add my thoughts on the subject, but I think I explain myself pretty well here: All beer is good.