Sidenote: What is Syzzurp?

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When we last saw our heroes, Emily, Melissa, and Danny were drinking Full Sail Old Boardhead Barleywine Ale, which they eloquently described by stating that it “looks like a sunset,” “it tastes like brown,” and something about a Disneyland ride.

We now join in on their embarkment into mead territory, with a metheglin from Redstone Meadery. Want to learn more about meads? Continue reading below for more details.

Meads are not too popular in the United States. Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you where they are popular, but I’m sure there’s some country out there that just loves them.

I’ve only had mead from two meaderies: Redstone Meadery, and Nani Moon Meadery in Kauai. Nani Moon’s meads were delicious. I don’t remember the specifics, as this was a few years ago. I do remember that they had different meads made with ingredients like coconut, macadamia nuts, and cacao nibs. Despite these sweet ingredients, the meads were still relatively dry, with more so a sweet aroma.

I’ve had Redstone’s standard mead, and this one that is being sampled in the video. Their standard mead wasn’t too bad. My main issue with the standard mead is that mead can sometimes have a similar taste to some white wines. While I love red wines, I can not stand 99% of the white wines that I’ve tasted. Redstone’s standard mead was definitely not a white wine, but was too similar for my preference.

The above metheglin on the otherhand was great. Definitely an after diner beverage though, as it was a bit sweet, but delicious none the less. I’ll leave the colorful descriptors to Emily and Melissa if you’d like specifics on how it tastes.

Something that should be pointed out: The meads that I’ve enjoyed from Redstone and Nani Moon are metheglins. As Emily read in the video, metheglin is just the name of a style of mead that also has herbs and/or spices added. In case you were wondering, a mead with apples added is a cyser, and a mead with grapes added is a pyment. If you add a fruit that isn’t apples or grapes to a mead, it’s called a melomel. And lastly, the delicious blend of a mead and beer is called a braggot.

The mead reviewed in the video was provided courtesy of Southern Wine and Spirits.