Brew Tours Las Vegas

| July 16th, 2013 | No comments

If you’ve been following us for a bit, you may undoubtedly hear us speak highly of the local breweries that we have here in Las Vegas. I am often contacted by out of town followers who are planning a trip to Las Vegas and need to know where they should go for craft beer. There are plenty of places that I typically recommend that the visiting beer enthusiast should check out. Often times however, they do not rent a car and are limited to the selections that the strip has to offer.

Worry no more, as Las Vegas is now home to Brew Tours Las Vegas!

If the name doesn’t give it away for you, this is a tour of several of the local breweries here in Las Vegas! Not only does this give you an opportunity to drink local craft beer, but to enjoy it at the breweries who made it!

The details:

– $85
– Shuttle will drive from Ellis Island Brewery, to Chicago Brewing Company, to Tenaya Creek Brewery, and to Big Dog’s Draft House
– Included in the cost is several samples of beer from all the breweries
– A tour of the breweries will be provided with an opportunity to meet with the head brewers

Not a bad deal if you consider the fact that you will get to spend all day being shuttled across the city drinking beer! There are currently four tours scheduled within the next three months. While these tours will initially focus on the above mentioned breweries, the future may bring other breweries and craft beer bars into rotation as well.

Be sure to check out the Brew Tours Las Vegas website for more info!