Green Flash Le Freak

| March 20th, 2012 | 2 comments

Green Flash is a brewery based out of San Diego. They recently started distributing to Las Vegas a few months ago. You can find their beers for sale at Whole Foods, Khoury’s Fine Wine and probably a few other places. Currently you can taste their Palate Wrecker IPA on tap at Tenaya Creek Brewery and Aces & Ales. 

Le Freak is a blend of a Belgian Trippel and an American IPA. The result is wonderful. Bright, citrusy hops with a peppery, clovey aftertaste from the Belgian yeast. The bottle conditioning gives this beer a big, pillowy soft head. 

I have yet to taste a beer from Green Flash that is less than amazing. I look forward to tasting anything else they ship to Las Vegas!