Beer Of The Month: Round 2

| January 28th, 2011 | No comments

Last month it was all about hops. 2 pale ales, an India pale ale and a spicy winter ale. This month is leaning towards the lighter, sweeter ales.
2 wheat ales: a Hefeweizen and a white ale. I love hefe’s and whites (with the exception of Blue Moon!) so I’m excited for these!
The other will be interesting. One is named “Hop On Top” the other is an “Extra Special Bitter” ale however, the descriptions state that neither is overly bitter. They are both supposed to aromatic and lightly sweet. Hmmmmm… We’ll see!
As before, I plan on writing reviews of each of these. Not than any of you will find either of these in Vegas. I mostly do this for my own beer snobbery knowledge!