The Adulteration of Westvleteren XII

| January 2nd, 2013 | 2 comments


Westvleteren XII is one of those craft beer unicorns. You always hear about it, but you’re not so sure it exists. It is the highest rated beer in the world and it was released in the US for the first time on 12/12/12. To celebrate, we had a tasting, and for good measure, adulterated this holy beer in every way possible. More on that later, first a brief rundown: (more…)

Craft Beers Worth Saving For New Year’s

| December 28th, 2011 | No comments

Great suggestions from Food Republic. All of the suggested beers are very unique beers in that they are attempting to be a sort of “champagne beer,” either by using champagne yeast, being blended with wine, or using “Brett” bacteria to give it some wine-like tartiness.

If you are looking for a more traditional style of beer, but still want something fancy for New Year’s, here are four of my suggestions:
Chimay Grand Reserve
Nothing says celebration like a Belgian beer made by monks. This is my go-to special occasion beer. It’s a very good, balanced beer that pleases everyone, even the non-beer drinker types.

Stone BELGO Old Guardian Barley Wine
A very full flavored, robust beer. If you can’t find the BELGO version (which is very likely since it is only brewed every other year), then get it’s non-Belgian yeast-fermented, slightly less awesome brother. 

Anchor Christmas Ale
Brewed once a year, specifically for Christmas and New Year’s. Well spiced without being overdone.

Tenaya Creek Imperial Stout
Being released today at Khoury’s Fine Wine! Either drink it this New Year’s or age it a year and drink it next year before the world ends!